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Gifted and Talented

At Askam Village Primary School we know that every child matters and should be taught at their own level of need. We recognise that children develop at different paces and need to be challenged in a way that is right for them.


Children at Askam Village School are recognised as gifted learners, and their names are added to the Gifted Register, if they fit into a variety of criteria. We aim to provide appropriate challenge and extension for these children throughout their school life. However, many children have a specific ability in one area of the curriculum and, although they might not be on the Gifted Register, their ability is recognised and the appropriate challenge and extension provided.

We celebrate the achievements of children who are talented in sport, music, dance, art and drama. And these children are added to the gifted and Talented Register.


Parents are given the opportunity to let us know about their children’s accomplishments. This information is shared with all class teachers so that the child’s success can be celebrated in class with their peers. If your child is achieving well above the expected level in any of these areas and would like to give us regular updates on their achievements, they will be invited to contribute to our AG&T page.

One effective way of helping our gifted, able and talented children at Askam Village Primary School is by the school and parents sharing ideas and information regarding clubs and organisations their children access in order to develop and extend their talents.


However please note the school is not promoting these individual organisations neither do we accept any responsibility for the standard of coaching/care/ safeguarding or other arrangements made by such organisations.


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