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Help Your Child With Reading

Please do try to spend 5-10 mins reading time with your child every day You can help them to improve their understanding by discussing what they have read. Ask them questions about the text, their ideas about what could happen next or whether they are enjoying the book. Encourage them to tell you what stories and information they know. Discuss their opinions about how things might be different in stories or in the world.

Let them see you and join in with reading books, magazines, letters, instructions, charts, signs etc. Remember your child will like to hear you read to them as much as they like reading to you! If your child is a reluctant reader this can be even more important. Don’t force them to read, but read to them, or make it a game or challenge, takes turns. Read a comic or anything else they choose as long as they are reading and enjoying it then it is a skill they will carry into the future.

Research shows that teaching phonics in a structured way is the most effective way of learning to read. If you would like to find out more about phonics please talk to your child’s class teacher or look on the website    Phonics information for parents

Some questions you could ask to extend your child’s reading skills 

–  How did…happen?
–  When/where did the story take place?
–  What is the character like?
–  Which part of the story best describes the setting?
–   Explain how the author made this character seem angry/happy/sad/excited.
–  What words give you the impression that…?
–  Can you invent a new title?
–  Can you predict the outcome?
–  What do you think about …?
–  What evidence can you find to support your opinion?
–  Could the story be improved? How?
–  Would you recommend this story? Who to?
–  What word could you use instead of …?

Other websites you may find of use

Literacy Trust

   Information for all ages for reading, spelling and writing.>

Words for Life

   Lots of information and tips ranging from early readers to fluent readers.

Fun games for children to play.

Phonics Play

Letters and Sounds

Family Learning

Help Kidz Learn

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