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Local Communities

The pupils’ understanding of community and diversity is enriched through fieldwork with The National Trust and visits from a local vicar on a weekly basis to deliver an assembly amongst other things activities to meet with members of the local community. There are close links with the local police officer and community support police officer within the village. The school provides placements for work experience students from the local secondary school.

We invited members of the local community to share our harvest work. They said they enjoyed it and would like to come again.

Secondary School and Dowdales cluster


Most pupils transfer at the age of 11 to the nearest secondary school which is Dowdales and is situated in Dalton.

 Askam Village School maintains close links with Dowdales.  The school management team regularly meet with Dowdales staff and termly liaison meetings are attended.   Frequent visits are made by heads and staff from the school to Dowdales and vice versa.  The children, too, exchange visits, sometimes to enjoy performances or some other special occasion, such as ‘taster’ lessons.

Dowdales Boys Choir came to sing for us.

 There is an annual programme of consultation meetings and pupil induction opportunities for pupils in years 5 and 6. We continually endeavour to forge links with all the local secondary schools so that the transition to secondary school is made as smooth and supportive as possible for our pupils. Children in Key Stage 1 take part in the annual Sports event for our cluster of schools.

Askam Village School itself is part of the local community.  We endeavour to keep on good terms with our neighbours and often invite local people, particularly the elderly to our social events.  The community policeman and local vicar are frequent visitors.

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At Askam Village School the health, safety and well-being of all our children are of paramount importance to all the adults who work here.


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