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Newsletter for the new class 2020 (Download)

Dear Nursery,

Our names are Mrs McCormick and Mrs Kewley and we will be your class teachers in Reception next year. Mrs Hopkins our teaching assistant will be another adult who will be in the classroom all week helping you to learn and enjoy your time in Reception.

Mrs Kewley will be working with you every Monday and Tuesday and Mrs McCormick every Thursday and Friday. We share the teaching on a Wednesday.

We are writing to you because things are a little bit different at the moment which means we won’t get to see your lovely faces now until September. We wanted you to know how much we are looking forward to meeting you all, finding out more about you and helping you to learn lots of new and exciting things.

It is going to be a great year full of new friends, new adventures and new discoveries. We think it is very important to work together as a classroom family. We will be spending a lot of time together, so it is important to treat each other kindly, be good listeners and most importantly great friends.

Reception is an exciting year in your school journey as you learn lots of new things to prepare you for school life. This is the year you will learn to read, write, have lunch in the school hall and play in the big school playground! These are just a few of the many things you will enjoy as you grow and learn in our care.

Each of you will be very special to us and we know that you all think and learn in different ways. It will be our jobs as your teachers to help you to develop as a learner and also make sure that you will thoroughly enjoy your learning experience in Reception. We will always try our very best to make your learning enjoyable, help you when you are stuck, care for you and always keep you safe. We hope that you will try your very best in our class, but most importantly have lots of fun!

We really can’t wait to meet you all and we wish you a lovely summer holiday! We are already looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in September.

Take care,

Mrs McCormick and Mrs Kewley

Nursery –  Autumn Term

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the first half-term of Nursery. We hope you have had a wonderful summer and are excited about your child attending Nursery.

This half term we aim to settle your child into school life, help them to become familiar with routines and provide lots of exciting and stimulating activities for them to enjoy.  They will make lots of new friends and build relationships that will possibly last for years…..

We are beginning this half term with the topic “All about Me” and enclose a jigsaw overview of key objectives and expectations for your information.

Over the next few weeks feel free to send in a few photos of your child enjoying holiday activities.  We will share these with the rest of the class and they help children get to know one another.

If not already completed, please could you return the “All about Me” sheet and consent forms.

As a reminder, teachers in Nursery are: Mrs Sweeting all day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Mrs Athersmith – covering planning time on Friday morning and Mrs Coates on Friday afternoon.  .

Additional adults in the classroom include Senior teaching assistant Mrs Hopkins, with temporary support from Mrs Hunter and Mrs Shannon.

Important Nursery Information


P.E. will be taught on Wednesday morning.  Children require a P.E. kit that can be left at school during the week.


Children will go outdoors on a regular basis… It would be great if you could leave a pair of wellies at school for wet days/ damp mornings.

Snack / Baking

Your child will receive fruit and milk.  In addition, we supplement with toast, bread sticks etc .  In order to help us provide this and to cover the cost of baking activities we would be grateful for a donation towards these costs.  In line with last year we are asking for 70p per week or £4.90 for half a term.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

At school, children are rewarded for good behaviour, careful listening, speaking politely and being well mannered with stickers.

Hopefully this has provided you with an insight into Nursery. If you have any further questions or would like to chat, please feel free to catch us when dropping off / picking up your child.  Alternatively, you can make an appointment through the office either by phoning or calling in.

All children have made a wonderful start to this term.  We are excited about the prospect of teaching your child, getting to know them better and making their first introduction to school a positive and rewarding experience.

Kind regards,

Mrs Sweeting and Nursery staff

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