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Year 4 Staff

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to the Autumn term in Year 4.  We hope you have all enjoyed your Summer holiday.  We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some useful information about your child’s new class.

Year 4 is taught by Mrs. Newton on a Monday morning and Mrs. Coates on Tuesday to Friday mornings.

Autumn term curriculum

The enclosed curriculum plan contains all of the necessary information on what your child will be learning during the Autumn term.


Our Year 4 P.E. lesson is on a Thursday morning.  This term we will be focusing on hockey, gymnastics and large apparatus.  Pupils will need to wear a T-shirt, shorts, and plimsolls or trainers.  Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery needs to be removed.  It is also very helpful if all items are clearly named.


All pupils receive homework once a week on a Friday in their homework book.  It should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday to be marked.

Firstly, Year 4 will all receive a set of spelling words to learn.  The words on their spelling sheet need to be carefully copied twice into their Homework book using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.  Pupils will be tested on these spelling words on a Friday morning in their Homework book.  This will allow you to see how they performed in their spelling test.  Five Class Dojo points will be awarded to anyone who scores full marks and three Class Dojo points will be awarded to anyone who only makes one error.

Pupils will also have either a Maths or a SPAG piece of work to complete.  This could be an assigned Mathletics or task or a worksheet based on the learning taken place during that week.

We would very much appreciate your help and assistance in ensuring your child completes their homework and hands it in on time so that it does not have to be done at school during playtime.

Reading Books

All pupils will have their own independent reading book which they need to have in school daily.  They are listened to on a regular basis by teachers, classroom or learning support assistants and adult helpers, either individually or in groups during guided reading.  It is hugely beneficial to listen to your child read at home and discuss their book with them whenever you can spare the time.  The Reading Stars initiative will continue to be used this academic year and reading records for your use will be sent home next week.

We hope this has provided you with some useful information on Year 4.  Please feel free to contact us at school to arrange an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to working with your child and we hope they will enjoy their time in Year 4.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Coates
Mrs. Newton

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