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Religious education and collective worship are conducted according to the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus.  Teaching is based on an underlying Christian ethos. The school has a teaching resource collection of artefacts from Christian, Buddhist and Jewish religions

Religious Education

At Askam Village School we foster strong links with our local community in working together to provide rich learning opportunities for our pupils. The ethos of our school provides a welcoming, secure and stimulating environment and is reflected in a religious education programme that is inclusive and relevant to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our pupils.

RE at our school is based on the ‘Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’. This syllabus highlights that schools and governing bodies must ensure all learners gain their statutory entitlement to RE throughout all years of compulsory education and in the sixth form (Part of statute since 1944/ 1988 Education Reform Act).


What we believe

RE is fundamentally concerned with an exploration of the important aspects of life and what it’s like to be human. It provides opportunities for pupils to ask questions seek answers and develop ideas in a quest to discover more about their own identity and that of others. RE can provide a context for the exploration of moral and ethical opinions and dilemmas by learning about lifestyles and behaviour in real, historical and fictional situations. It can help our pupils to understand the power and meaning of belief and religion for individuals and communities in the United Kingdom and across the world.

Within their learning in RE, pupils develop specific attitudes that are open, reflective, and critical and a skill base which allows them to be curious, play with ideas, empathise, listen, imagine, question, make links and reason. They need to appreciate the ‘un-comfortableness’ of the unknown. For us at Askam Village School, it is important that all our enquiries within RE relate to clearly defined concepts in order to develop purposeful and relevant learning. We constantly ask ourselves the questions; ‘Why are we learning/teaching this? Where is this learning taking me?’


Key Stage One

Year One

We focus on Christianity and Buddhism.

Year Two

We focus on Christianity and Judaism.


Key Stage Two

Year Three

We focus on Buddhism.

Year Four

We focus on Judaism

Year Five

We focus on Islam.

Year Six

We focus on Christianity.

Specific objectives and key aims

In RE at our school we aim to enable pupils to:

Learn about Religion and Beliefs (attainment target 1) by:

• Developing a knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, teachings

and sources;

• Developing a knowledge and understanding of religious practices and


• Explaining meanings within different religious forms of expression;

language, story and symbolism.

Learn from Religion and Beliefs (attainment target 2) by:

• Reflecting on aspects of human nature, identity, personality an

experience especially in the light of one’s own beliefs and experiences;

• Identifying and responding to questions about the nature, meaning and

purpose of life;

• Giving informed and considered responses to religious and moral issues,

values and commitments.

Learning from religion is concerned with developing pupils’ capacity to respond thoughtfully to and evaluate what they learn about religion. Also about developing skills and attitudes that enable pupils to be well informed about the religious and non-religious responses to the big questions of life and how these are expressed through practice.

RE is carefully planned to ensure balance between the two attainment targets of the subject.


Foundation Stage

‘Learners should experience enquiry based RE related activities from a range of world religions to contribute to the Foundation Stage curriculum requirements’.

In the vibrant stimulating environment of the Foundation Stage there are lots of opportunities for learning through all the multiple intelligences people have.  These everyday activities and experiences can influence the spiritual dimension of young people’s development.



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