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School Uniform


Askam Village School expects all pupils to wear the Askam Village School uniform at all times during the school year.  The uniform has been kept simple so that it is easy to find and buy at a number of local outlets and to keep the cost of uniform to the minimum, notably Identity in Barrow-in-Furness.

BOYS – Uniform GIRLS – Uniform
Grey trousers Grey skirt/trousers
White polo shirt/cotton shirt White polo shirt/cotton shirt

Red checked summer dress

Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo Burgundy sweatshirt with school logo

Burgundycardigan with school logo

Black shoes or (footwear must be totally black with no designer logo) Black shoes or black trainers
PE Kit PE Kit
Burgundy shorts Burgundy shorts
Burgundy or white t-shirt (must be changed from school t-shirt) Burgundy or white t-shirt (must be changed from school t-shirt)
Trainers/pumps for indoor use Trainers/pumps for indoor use
Trainers for outdoor use Trainers for outdoor use



Pupils may wear a single pair of stud earrings that they must be able to remove for PE and games lessons.  No other jewellery may be worn to school although pupils may wear watches.

Parents who wish their child to wear jewellery in keeping with their religion/ethnicity should contact the school direct to discuss the individual requirements.

Earrings and watches must be removed for PE/games lessons.

We encourage parents to only have their child’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays so they do not miss any PE lessons.

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