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Physical Education is taught at the recommended level or more of 2 hours per week.   Children experience Gymnastics, apparatus, games, dance, outdoor education and develop various athletic skills.

All Key Stage 2 pupils swim for one term per year.

The school holds the gold Activemark Award.

There are extensive opportunities to reprsent the school.

See askamsport.co.uk for examples of the opportunities we offer.

Sporting Activities

Askam Village School regularly provides children with a range of sporting activities in which to participate.  These sports include football (boys & girls), netball, chess, rugby, cricket and table tennis.  Out of school clubs are usually organised weekly, but table tennis is played daily, with children having the benefit of termly additional expert coaching by a visiting table tennis coach. Pupils taking part in regular weekend competitions.  Three table tennis tables and equipment, three football pitches, cricket equipment etc. are all available.  The community regularly makes use of the pitches.  Various qualifications are held by members of staff, including mountain leadership, sailing, skiing, swimming, table tennis coaching, single pitch rock climbing instructors validation etc..  The school also makes use of professional coaches whenever possible.

We strive to encourage children to adopt a positive attitude towards sport and competition. We offer children in the junior department opportunities to play as a team member in various activities including football, table tennis, netball and cricket.   Matches are regularly organised against other schools’ teams.

Sport Inclusion/Equal Opportunity Policy

We aim to offer all children whether boy or girl, the opportunity to play games as a team as an extra-curricular activity:-

  1. To represent the school.
  2. To offer the experience to all childrenof varying abilities and of either gender, provided they are willing to practice, follow rules and maintain a friendly, sporting attitude.
  3. To show a high standard of sportsmanship and supportive attitude to other competitors.

As a curricular activity within P.E. and games lessons:-

  1. To encourage team work.
  2. To learn correct sporting attitudes.
  3. To learn to adapt to and accept the rigorous organisation and rules of team games.

When friendly interschool matches are held, all pupils who are of the correct age interested and committed, will be offered opportunity to represent the school on a rotational basis.

Occasionally for cup matches best performing pupils may be chosen depending on their level of responsibility, attitude, commitment and skill.

Where correct attitude is not shown, pupils may be suspended from any sporting activities, particularly where they are acting as representatives of the school or are school team members.

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