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Modern Foreign Language


At Askam Village Primary School we endevour to develop a love of languages through the teaching of a modern foreign language (MFL) in a fun and enjoyable way.

We aim to:
* Foster an interest in learning other languages 
* Introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and fun; 
* Stimulate and encourage children?s curiosity about language; 
* Encourage children to be aware that language has structure and that the 
structure differs from one language to another 
* Help the children develop their awareness of cultural differences and 
similarities in other countries; 
* Increase their speaking and listening skills; 
* Lay the foundations for future study through the development of language 
learning strategies 
* Reinforce and expand their knowledge and understanding of their own language. 

French is taught in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each pupil will have an hour per week, which may be split into smaller sessions, and lessons are taught by the class teacher. We follow the Monkseaton scheme of work, which Cumbria has adopted. Each year group has an Early Start folder for French, which enables the class teacher to deliver the relevant objectives in a fun and enjoyable way through songs, games, rhymes, partner and group work, and mime and role-play. All of these activities play an important role in learning a language.

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