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School Council

We meet at least monthly with Mrs. Biggins. We have a suggestion box in our school which anyone can put a suggestion in. We talk about the suggestions at our meetings then we vote on them and decide on any actions we need to take.

Other achievements include holding a talent show.  We voted to hold a talent show on the last day of term and it was very successful.

We have also been able to change some of the dinners including having baguettes as an alternative if we don’t like the dinner that day and different drinks sometimes. We invited Julie the school cook to a meeting in September and she asked all the classes to give her ideas for food they would like on the menu.

The school council also asked for new computers and now we have them!

School Councillors for 2018-2019


Year 2 Seth and Abi

Year 3 Holly and Finley

Year 4Marc and Amber

Year 5Ryley and Ava

Year 6 Amy and Harry

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